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Due to the rising costs of health care and the shrinking proportion of medication costs insurance companies approve and cover, APEX now offers many acute care medicines that can be dispensed to you at your visit enabling you to skip the trip to the pharmacy and waiting in line and just go home to rest when you don't feel well. Ask your provider at your next visit.

Prescription Refills Policy

We request that all medication requests are processed directly through your pharmacy. This allows us to maintain a high degree of efficiency and ensure a reduction in errors. If you have medication questions, refills requests, or you need "prior authorization," please request this information from your pharmacist first and they will expedite your request to us. If you have no remaining refills on your prescription, please contact your pharmacy directly. They will request authorization and fill the prescription if approved. They/we need approximately 2 to 3 days in order to process these requests. Contacting us initially may only delay the process. We are unable to write or refill a prescription unless we have seen you recently for the condition treated by that medication.

How to Dispose of Medication Properly

The US FDA has issued this consumer update with their recommendations for the proper disposal of medications.


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Compounding Pharmacies

Pencol Compounding Pharmacies

Mail Order Prescription Services

Save time and money by requesting your refills online.

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Cigna Tel-Drug Express Scripts
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Patient Drug Assistance Information

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